Zionism Kills

Zionism Kills! Prisoners Of Joy

Posted in Israel by zionismkills on February 4, 2008

Source: Prisoner of Joy

Zionist murderers have committed uncountable number of awful massacres against the unarmed innocent civilians of Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt. They’ve raped the land of Palestine taking the strategy of killing its dwellers. Jews have been damaging Palestinian homes and buildings since 1948, and they are still demolishing homes till that day. They have raped the land of Palestine by demolishing homes, killing its dwellers, and establishing their Zionist buildings.

Discover the truth about those Zionist Peace-makers and doves!

HELP SPREAD THE TRUTH. LET’S HELP THE INNOCENTS AND END THE ZIONIST MASSACRES, Art of Genocide, Torture, Demolition and Destruction, Bloodshed, Humiliation, Profanity and Racist Brtutal Acts and even more.

Visit the Main Gallery Of Zionist Massacres.


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