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Blood and Religion: Unmasking Zionism

Posted in Anti-Zionist, Israel by zionismkills on January 9, 2008

Manchester, England. 8th February 2007. Journalist Jonathan Cook speaks at a Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign rally about his new book: “Blood and Religion: Unmasking the Zionist and Democratic State.”

Jonathon Cook is a hugely respected commentator on the nature of Israeli society, a fierce critic of Zionism and champion of Palestinian rights. He is widely published as a journalist, having contributed to the Guardian, the Times, Le Monde Diplomatique, the International Herald Tribune, al-Ahram Weekly, Al-Jazeera and the Electronic Intifada.

His new book, “Blood and Religion: The Unmasking of the Zionist State” (Pluto Press) is a subtle and well-researched analysis of contemporary Israeli policies with respect to Israeli Palestinians and those living in the Occupied Territories. Cook argues the single most important dynamic behind current Israeli policies – the so-called “disengagement” from Gaza, its monstrous “security wall, changes to Israeli nationality law, and its “unilateralist” redrawing of the Green Line – is demography.

The Israeli political class is terrified of the moment when the region’s Palestinians become a majority, threatening the ethnic, religious and political character of the Zionist state. Yet, Cook maintains Israel’s increasingly desperate and repressive “solutions” to the “demographic problem” are turning the state into an international pariah as the paralells with South African apartheid become clearer. And they will sow the seeds of another intifada.

Some reviews of Jonathon’s book:

“Timely and important…by far the most penetrating and comprehensive [book] on the subject to date. . . . This work should be required reading.” –Nur Masalha, Director of Holy Land Studies, St. Mary’s College, University of Surrey, and author of The Politics of Denial.

“An original and powerful book.” –Ilan Pappe, Senior Lecturer in Political Science, Haifa University , and author of A Modern History of Palestine.

“Very impressive…Some of his findings will astound even the knowledgeable reader.” –Salim Tamari, Director, Institute of Jerusalem Studies.

This clip is available in other video formats at: http://www.archive.org/details/jonath…


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