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Infamous words of these Anti-Christ Khazarian Zionists – “we will hang them and they will give us the rope to do it!”



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What does the Bible say about the name Israel? Are Jews the Israelites spoken of in the Bible? Watch this video…


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Zionist Interest & Canada: Free Speech?

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Source: Zionofascism.WordPress.com

Where are the principled supporters of free speech now?Let’s see, the Canadian Human Rights Commission [CHRC] is used by Jewish groups to prosecute people for their opinions for years and no-one cares.

Then a Muslim group does the same thing when they don’t like what a Jewish writer wrote, and there is a national uproar and outcry, from the National Post to Wreck Smurfy.

The inescapable conclusion is that Canadian reporters are deeply concerned with and committed to freedom of speech –when it is safe, and the ‘offended’ party is not a major Zionofascist Jewish group.


Ron Paul is Al Qaeda?

Posted in USA by zionismkills on January 31, 2008

Hateful Jewish racist David Shuster calls Ron Paul Al Qaeda. 


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Christians United for Israel: Christian Zionofascism

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Max Blumenthal‘s latest takes us on a shocking and at times bizarre tour of right-wing Pastor John Hagee’s annual Washington-Israel Summit, blowing the cover off the Christian Zionist movement in the process. Starring Zionists such as Joe Lieberman, Tom DeLay, Pastor John Hagee, Ambassador Dore Gold and a host of rapture-ready evangelical Traitors praying for Armaggedon.


Israel Locks up Russian Granny

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Source: HERE

By: Iran Daily on: 29.01.2008 [23:08 ]

MOSCOW, Jan. 29–A 69-year-old Russian Israeli woman is beginning a six-year jail term in Israel because of helping her granddaughter leave the occupied territories.

Isabella Belfer is the oldest person to be sent to prison in Israel and could spend the rest of her life behind bars, Alalalm.ir reported.


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Zionism: A Racist Philosophy

Posted in Foreign Policy, Israel by zionismkills on January 29, 2008

Zionists love to shout ‘racist’ at those who rightfully speak out against the evil of zionism and it’s inherent racial ideology.

But upon close examination, we see the zionist for the disgraceful racist he truly is. He likes to use the phrase ‘anti-semite’, but he remains silent in the face of thousands of Jews who detest zionism and are angry with these sick devils for giving Jews a bad reputation.


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How The Zionists Are Destroying America

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If you’re an American, please watch this video.  It is urgent.  Go ahead, don’t be afraid.


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Facts on Zionist Controlled Media

Posted in Media by zionismkills on January 27, 2008

How can we ignore the facts when it is known?  The title of this video speak for itself it is up to the rest of you who watch this video to think about it.   Btw, the Rabbi in this video is himself being call anti-semite. (more…)

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Zionist Manufactured Insurgency in Iraq Aired on BBC

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Zakheim, a dual nationality Israeli-American and a rabid Zionist, had co-authored “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”, a position paper by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) in 2000, which called for a new “Pearl Harbor” type of incident which would provide a pretext for US military moves to boost its global hegemony. (more…)

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Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Racists

Posted in Israel by zionismkills on January 11, 2008

This video is about ultra-orthodox Jewish racists and the danger they represent to the world. (more…)

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Blood and Religion: Unmasking Zionism

Posted in Anti-Zionist, Israel by zionismkills on January 9, 2008

Manchester, England. 8th February 2007. Journalist Jonathan Cook speaks at a Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign rally about his new book: “Blood and Religion: Unmasking the Zionist and Democratic State.”

Jonathon Cook is a hugely respected commentator on the nature of Israeli society, a fierce critic of Zionism and champion of Palestinian rights. He is widely published as a journalist, having contributed to the Guardian, the Times, Le Monde Diplomatique, the International Herald Tribune, al-Ahram Weekly, Al-Jazeera and the Electronic Intifada. (more…)

Zionist Pressure Fails to Stop Overcoming Zionism Book

Posted in Anti-Zionist, Israeli Lobby by zionismkills on January 9, 2008
Joel Kovel, author of Overcoming Zionism, said, “What we don’t have is any kind of real debate on this subject in our country at this time … basically these Zionist repression groups have had pretty much a free hand … that’s why I wrote the book. I mean, I wanted to — I disregarded all the taboos, that you’re not supposed to talk about Israel in any depth in this country.” (more…)